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About SHE Wealth

SHE Wealth is an online financial education platform for women, that equips them with knowledge & resources to take charge of their financial lives.

We provide holistic learning experience through:

  • self & peer-learning modules, expert mentoring

  • practical implementation & real-time investing

  • easy-to-use templates

  • post-course-completion support through content

  • lifelong access to a community of women investors

We aim to simplify money matters & make investing an easy & joyous experience for women!

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My Story

Hi! I am Richa Sinha, an educator, corporate leader & wealth creator with 20 years of experience in HR, investing, skill development, training & mentoring women.

My investment journey started in 2002. From being a non-investor, to an uninformed, scared investor to reckless to enthusiastic to gullible to now a conscious & educated investor, it has been quite a journey!

Richa Sinha

Early years & inspiration

Richa Sinha, Founder, SHE Wealth

Entrepreneur | Investor | Corporate HR Leader

Lack of financial education in school & college, a shielded childhood & lack of participation in money discussions at home, absence of seeing women handle finances, social conditioning & the complexities of knowing where & how to invest, led me to rely upon financial advisors, relatives, colleagues & Google to figure out my finances. I ended up investing in the wrong places, blindly acted on my broker's advice, invested small & insignificant amounts in fifty different types of plans & lost track of my money, prematurely terminated schemes at loss, faced debt; my investments were basically non-existent. I had lost confidence & many years. It was then, that I met some people who helped me 'learn' personal finance. Surprisingly, it was just a set of simple systems & habits, and-- that transformed my financial life!

After years of successfully managing my finances on my own, I started sharing my knowledge with other women. What I soon realised, was that, being financially educated, not only brought them wealth & peace of mind, but also, an enhanced sense of self-worth & improved relationships with their spouses, parents & children. That is when I knew, my efforts must reach more people than I personally or professionally knew. And, that is how SHE Wealth was born :)


I founded SHE Wealth to empower women with financial education. I have converted 20 years of my knowledge & experience into super-practical & easy-to-implement courses that simplify money matters. I believe that managing your finances is joyous & fulfilling and it doesn't have to be a lonely experience. SHE Wealth Tribe is that safe & non-judgmental space for women to learn, ask, share, goof-up, encourage & engage with others like them!

That aside, I am an alumna of Delhi School of Economics, Miranda House & Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore’s Women Startup program. I am also a member of the Women Economic Forum, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, All Ladies League, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Lean In India and NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission mentors.

Let's Connect!

I am always happy to meet new people.

Conversations & possibilities excite me!

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